In love with a cat from Schleich


Good Morning!

It’s the last Sunday of summer and while I might be sad about it my friends in the UK and US are rejoicing at their last day of winter. It feels strange and upside down but then again that’s just the way it is.

I could not resist sharing this Instagram photo I took this morning. The cat will appear in many photos from now on because he is soooo irresistible. He comes all the way from Germany and was made by Schleigh in Germany. They manufacture amazing and very high quality toys.  Their range extends from goats, pigs, knights and elves with a myriad of combinations in between. It’s hard to just buy one. They are a bit more expensive than the cheap plastic figurines you can buy from other manufacturers. It’s the quality of these toys that you pay a little extra for.


Only a few stores in Australia sell these gorgeous toys and I am lucky enough to have a toy shop near by that stocks most of the farm animals.  You can also buy some of the range from

I would have loved to have bought these for my sons as they were growing up. They won’t want to play with these now so I will buy a few now and have them ready for the arrival of grandchildren. That’s still a way off so in the meantime I will enjoy my little Schleich cat.

Enjoy your Sunday.



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