Ingredients for a Happy Saturday

What are the Ingredients for a Happy Saturday ?

They are things taken for granted by my family each day.

Here is wishing you a Happy Saturday which includes;

Waking up in peaceful, quiet surroundings and choosing a lovely Art Deco inspired bracelet to wear for a “Derby Day” breakfast with family and friends

Walking out the front door to enjoy the deliciousness of walking past the gorgeous, white Iceberg Roses in full bloom;

Enjoying scrumptious Eggs Florentine for breakfast with friends;

 Coming home to find the house cat quietly relaxing on the stairs;

Spending the hours away in the afternoon planning your next cross stitch project;

Preparing  crunchy and green cucumbers for dinner;

And enjoying a still and peaceful evening in a warm home with candles before lights out;

Wherever you are wishing you peace and happiness in your weekend.

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