What to make for Halloween ?

What to make for Halloween?

Inspiration to create something new for Halloween.  Where does inspiration to create something new come from?  As George Bernard Shaw puts it “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”

At 5.30 a.m this morning the spider you see on the Instagram above was not in existence anywhere on this planet in this exact way.  By 9.00 a.m and a few cups of tea later the idea for a Halloween inspired craft project was painted on paper as a real idea.

It is difficult to come up with truly original designs at Halloween. This holiday is restricted more or less by the colors orange, black and yellow.  The images associated with Halloween are usually witches, ghosts, spiders and of course pumpkins.  After a while the images and designs associated with Halloween tend to be a bit the same.  It is unusual to see something really different out there.  Yet no matter how many Halloweens go by there are always people who come up with a new or different way of looking at this holiday.

Take Matthew Meade for example. Stylists and photographer extroardinaire.  He tends to come up with very original interpretations of everything and Halloween is no exception. Matthew is currently promoting his new Halloween book which I can’t actually buy in Australia right now but should be able to by Christmas (LOL).

I love this idea for a Halloween cookie.  How original is this dragon tail cookie made from the cookie cutters created by The Victor Trading Company.  By the way how fabulous is this photograph by Matthew.  Yes I am a fan.

  They have 13 goulish and creepy cookie cutters for Halloween.  All fabulous and very original.

Purl Bee in New York is also one of my favourite places to visit mostly because of their fabulous shop, blog and original ideas.  They have a team of lovely crafty and creative people who make gorgeous, original things.

Purl Bee created the following Halloween crafty ideas a few years ago. You may have seen them but they are so gorgeous I thought you wouldn’t mind it if I shared them with you again;

What little girl wouldn’t want this cute Witch. Love her face and she is not too scary for a little child to hold on Halloween.  Full instructions on how to make the witch can be found at Purl Bee.

Then there are these simple and easy Halloween cocktail napkins also from Purl Bee. 

These napkins have inspired me to create a Halloween serviette of my own which in turn inspired me to draw the spider this morning.  Funny how inspiration works and what triggers new ideas. Sometimes inspiration and new ideas comes from others like Matthew Meade or Purl Bee.  Other times it comes from nature or random surroundings.  Perhaps a colour screams at you as you walk past a row of flowers or a butterfly landing on the grass in the inspiration to make something beautiful.

Wishing you a weekend of beautiful inspiration.

Where do you get your inspiration from ?


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