It’s never too late to do something you love…

its never too late

Another beautiful Thursday morning in Melbourne. The sky is blue again. There are no clouds or signs of rain on the horizon. Summer is here for a few more months. It’s a warm summer.  The white Camellias in the garden have finished blooming. The photo I took of them a reminder of their loveliness.

As the sun rises it’s time to think. The world is quiet. There is space to think and reflect. Lately I have been thinking about changing things in my life but thinking it is too late. Thinking about doing what I love every day rather than what I “have” to do and what I have “done” for so many years. But then its easier to stay doing what I am doing rather than changing. Change is hard.

Then I remembered one of my favourite books which was sitting on the shelf in my study. A book by Patrick Lindsay called “It’s never too Late”.  Of the 174 simple acts to change your life I came across the one I thought I would share with you. Perhaps it means something to you too;

It’s never too late to do something you love

The smartest people work at something they love.

If you can’t do that

at least make sure you spend time doing things you love.

Time will fly.

You will feel a great sense of renewal

Power will return to you.

Treat yourself to it.

The real you will emerge.

Allan Watts asks “What would you do if money was no object?”. The answer to this question will guide you to what you should be doing rather than what you are doing. His message is find something you love and turn this into your job. Allan is inspirational and confronting at the same time. Confronting because it may make you realise that you are not happy doing what you are doing right now and that there is not much time left. Partick Linsday reminds us however that it’s never too late to do something you love.

Are you doing what you love everyday?

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