We live in uncertain times

Hello friends

I hope you are all truly well and staying safe during this very difficult time.  I wish you and your families all the very best wherever you are and whatever your circumstances.

The coronavirus outbreak which hit China early this year is now spreading across the world including Australia. The virus known as COVID19 is devastating the health and wellbeing of people everywhere and devastating the global economy. So while this time will eventually pass, it is a truly frightening time and unlike anything the world has seen before.

COVID19 arrived in Australia in late February. Australia began closing its borders and gradually introduced measures to stop the virus spreading in the community. Unfortunately while there are many Australians doing the right thing by practising social distancing rules and staying home, there are still some people who think the rules don’t apply to them.

Since Wednesday 18 March 2020 my workplace asked us all to work from home.  We are a small workforce with around 200 employees.  We are lucky that we can work from home.  My family and I are practising self isolation and are not going out unless it is to buy food or medicines.  We spend our days working and then spending time together at dinner before watching a bit of TV or reading before retiring for the night. After only 11 days at home I am slowly realising that this is going to be very challenging time.  I am very appreciative and grateful that so far, I still have job and can keep working. There is however, no guarantee how long this will last.

I thank and applaud our health care workers, the doctors and nurses and essential services staff who are risking their lives and wellbeing to support everyone who becomes ill with this virus.

While I cannot go outside the house I can spend time in the garden. I managed to buy some vegetable seedlings and herbs. Most of the seedlings had already sold out by the time I got to the nursery but thankfully there were still a few left. I planted lettuce, basil, carrots, garlic and mini carrots.

Green lettuce

There is also time to sew and use my sewing skills to make a small difference in the community and for my family. One of my favourite bloggers is Trish whose website is TrishStitched.  Trish is the designer of bright & bold handbags and maker of crafty outfits. She recently shared a post on her instagram feed by Jessica who is a nurse and is making masks for nurses.

While these handmade face masks are not equivalent to surgical masks, they are still better than nothing and could be useful to protect yourself if you are looking after someone who is ill at home with the virus.

The best material for making these masks is cotton.  It so happens that I have collected a stash of cotton fabric over the years.  There seems to be no better time than now to use these fabrics to make a small contribution at this time.

If you want instructions to make masks you can find them here.  You can also find a video tutorial on how to make face masks by a retailer in the US called Joann here.

One last thing, during this time at home it will be important to continue to stay creative.  That will be more challenging but there are some things you can do to maintain your creativity.  A little while ago I wrote a blog post called ‘5 creativity drainers and 5 easy ways to chase them away.‘ You can read the full blog post here

I will be back next week to share a few thoughts, photos and other updates. I am also planning to design some new cross stitch patterns you can stitch while you spend time at home so stay tuned. In the meantime stay safe, strong and healthy and take great care.


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