Look what the cat dragged in…


Last night our gorgeous cat was very distracted. It was dusk and his attention was drawn to a tiny mouse scurrying outside. He was very excited and paced up and down scratching at the door trying to get out. Meanwhile the tiny mouse and I mean tiny was having a lovely time completely unaware of the danger lurking behind the glass door.

It was fascinating to watch our beautiful cat transform from a soft, sleepy lovable creature into a ferocious hunter in an instant. It was almost as though a switch had gone off inside his head. While I was not happy with this sudden change in character I know hunting is part of his DNA. This morning I was inspired to quickly sketch an impression of our beautiful cat with a mouse in his mouth. The sketch will form the basis for an embroidery with the colors and fabric yet to be decided upon. I love the fact that the world is full of inspiration for a new embroidery. You just have to look in your own back yard, or your cat.

Have a great week!

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