In love with T2

I’ve been in love with T2 for years. Not just for the wonderful assortment of teas the shop sells but for the wonderful collection of tea cups and tea pots.

Yesterday I broke my much loved purple tea cup I bought for myself from T2 last Christmas. There was no choice. I just had to visit T2 today to find a replacement. As soon as I entered the shop I saw the tea cup for me. A stunning red rose tea cup and saucer from the Blooming tea cup range. The rose tea cup also comes in apricot, pink and yellow.

Over the past few years I have collected so many T2 cups. Here are just a few of them;


T2 was founded by Maryanne Shearer.   Her idea for T2 came to her while working on her homewares company over a steaming cup of tea.  She applied her background in fashion and re-invented tea into a product that would appeal to all generations of tea drinkers.

The T2 shop is gorgeous and a lovely shopping experience. The staff are very helpful and you even have the opportunity to sample one of the teas while you browse. It’s hard not to buy something from the T2 shop with most of the cups retailing for between $15 to $25 AUD depending on the cup design. There are 38 T2 stores Australia wide so you are sure to find your cup of tea wherever you are. Oh and remember, you can never have too many tea cups and tea pots – right?

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