Lovely Grace Needlepoint is nearly done


Good Morning!

It’s that time of the year again in beautiful Melbourne Australia. The mornings are crisp and cold. Perfect time for the beautiful purple pansies growing in the garden. These lovely flowers will be with us during the cold of autumn and winter every cheerful. I hope you had a great weekend and are full of energy for the week ahead.

Over the weekend I managed to get the “Lovely Grace” needlepoint to a point where next week she will be done. You may recall she has been a work in progress since 29 December 2012 when the idea of creating her came to me while I was painting. I am not a trained artist by any means and my paintings are quite rudimentary at best but the paintings I create serve as a useful guide for the needlepoints I like to create.


The painting and the needlepoint of Lovely Grace are quite different. I think its due to the fact that I did not use any software to convert the painting and simply worked freehand using the painting as a rough guide. To perfectly match the painting I should have used a much smaller count canvas. I used 10 count mono canvas and the size canvas. Overall I am pleased with how lovely Grace turned out. There are a few finishing touches which I need to add to finish her off completely.


You can see that I changed the colors of her eyebrows and her eyelashes. When I used black in the needlepoint to define her eyes and brows I thought it looked too harsh. The finished Lovely Grace is softer with light brown eyebrows framing her light blue eyes. I think I like the needlepoint Grace better.  She seems softer and friendlier. Warmer. Someone you could be friends with.

The background is made up of 5 different greens applied like a tiny mosaic and the flowers are a mixture between a Rose and a Camelia. The small yellow and blue bird on her right shoulder is her small feathered friend. He is missing an eye which I will add during the week.

More to come on this project next week but I wanted to show you how she had progressed since last December. This project took 5 months to finish but that’s the joy of needlepoint. It takes time and patience but the end result creates so much satisfaction and a sense of happiness that something lovely has been created.

Wishing you a lovely week full of time to stitch your needlepoint or cross stitch.


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