Lovely Grace needlepoint update


The Lovely Grace needlepoint is progressing very slowly. The idea for Lovely Grace was created in my head and painted as a watercolor in early January this year. I am also appreciating the work and time involved in stitching a needlepoint of this size. The journey so far has however been so enjoyable.

On the weekend I decided to include a bird on Grace’s right shoulder. Why a bird? Well I like birds a lot. I like their ability to fly. Birds seem so free. I chose a blue and yellow bird because I thought it would contrast nicely to the pinks and greens already in the design.

Grace’s pupils are french knots – for now. I might change that if it looks a little strange but for now I like the effect it gives her.

The  most challenging part of this project has been selecting the colors and stitching the design with only a vague watercolor as a guide. In fact the needlepoint is beginning to look quite different from the watercolor of Grace I painted some months ago. There is still alot of stitching ahead before Lovely Grace is finished.

In the meantime, here are some photos starting from the most recent photo taken this weekend back to the original design drawn on canvas with a thick black marker. By the way if you draw your own designs on canvas its best not to use something as heavy as the black marker as it does not erase and the black lines may be visible under some of the lighter colours.

What needlepoint project are you working on ?




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