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Last week was spent working the days between Christmas and New Year.  How was your week? Did you manage to have some time to relax in those in between days ?

The green grocer had the most beautiful salmon colored roses for sale yesterday.  There was no choice but to buy them, photograph them and share them with you.  Arn’t they lovely?  Life is better with flowers.

The watercolor box I had sitting in my cupboard was pulled out a few days ago.  Inspired by the peacefulness of the house I painted a lovely face. It’s not a perfect watercolor and it’s not a perfect painting.  The idea is to paint the face in a general way to provide an impression of colors and shapes.  Lovely Grace will now be transformed into a needlepoint.

Her name is Grace, she is 21 and lives with her family in 1920s Melbourne, Australia.  Grace is quiet but studious. Her pale blue eyes quietly study all those around her.  Grace is still not married. She does not care. Grace has a job as a “girl Friday”.  She loves her job.  She loves her independence.  Grace does not want to live her mother’s life.  A life of child rearing and a slave to the house and her husband.  Grace knows that when she marries she will have to give up her job. Life in this time is changing for women. Australian women were given the right to vote in 1901. In the United States the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified giving women the right to vote in 1920. While Grace is a modern 1920s young woman she does not smoke or drink..Yet.  She recently cut her hair short and now wears make-up, something her mother and grandmother are not too keen on.  They would so love it if Grace could settle down and have a few children.  Grace just looks at them and smiles when they suggest this.  Grace is happy for now.

Over the next few months Grace will be brought to life in needlepoint.  I will be working free hand on mono canvas using Anchor wools.  I will not transform the watercolor of Grace into a needlepoint chart instead I will allow Grace to evolve “organically” on the canvas.  At this stage I plan to use tent stitch for this design.  This will be a lovely needlepoint experiment which I hope you will share along with me.

We are going away in a few days to Portland, Australia.  We have rented a house near the sea.  I am so looking forward to spending time away from the usual busy lives we live to refresh, rejuvenate, reconnect, create and share.

In the meantime I hope you have a lovely weekend.

See you Monday with more lovely things to share with you.

Take care


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