Lovely snowflakes


Hello everyone

How are you today? Are all those presents you had to buy wrapped and ready to go under the tree?

Do you find this time of the year as stressful as I do?  Is work very demanding with everyone wanting everything completed and signed off before Christmas eve?  Do you have presents to buy, food to order and need to get the house ready for the arrival of your relatives who stay with you from Christmas eve until well into the New Year?

While Christmas day is fabulous and no doubt you love sharing with everyone, I am guessing the lead up to Christmas is challenging to say the least.  Yet, every year you get through it and no doubt enjoy it.  I know exactly how you feel because I feel the same way.

To help distract you a little I found some lovely cross stitch and embroidered snowflakes on the internet this morning.  Why don’t you grap a lovely cup of tea or coffee, take a deep breath and relax for a minute or two. You deserve it.

 If you would like to know more here is some info for you to check out;

1. Cross stitch snowflake tree from German blog “Stickeule – Clever idea of snowflakes representing the leaves of the tree in a barren tree.  Would look lovely stitched on natural Linen or even light blue Aida fabric.

2. Gorgeous snowflake pillow from CrossStitcher magazine – As usual another lovely design from the magazine.

3. Snowflake cards from “Goldtop – Easy to make these cards are a great way to decorate your Christmas gifts.  Easy enough for the kids to make.

4. Juicy and bright red embroidered Christmas mittens from “little grey mittens” on Flickr- Aren’t these just fabulous?

5. Precise and perfect snowflake by the ever fabulous designer Grace Kim at andwabisabi”I have bought her charts and they are easy to follow and lots of fun.

6. White snowflake on dark blue background makes a striking combination stitched by “Donna Maytooon Flickr

7. Colorful embroidered snowflakes by clever Carina at “Feeling Stitchy”.  Original and colorful these are lovely and are a very modern twist on the traditional snowflake designs.

8. Snowflakes stitched on linen with brown thread from Sewing Daisies on Flickr.  Love the orange gingham peeping through and love her photographs.

Hope you have enjoyed this happy collection of snowflakes and had a relaxing few moments before no doubt you need to get busy again.

I am still stitching the “Ham Bag”… very slow but hope to show more progress later next week.  We’ll see how the week goes.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Take care x

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