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How are you ? How was your weekend ?

In our part of the world this weekend was about stitching, crochet, stitching and more crochet.

In fact Saturday was spent entirely doing what I would love to do every day for the rest of my life. Working on various stitching projects at the same time. Lovely Grace needlepoint is progressing and there will be an update on Friday this week. Today I made this cute Valentine’s Day crochet pouch for my iphone 4s. This is not really an iPhone case for the man in your life but then again you never know.

The pouch took about an hour to make. I am not an expert at crochet but have made enough crochet project over the years to give you basic instructions. The pattern uses double crochet and single crochet stitches which are easy for beginners. If you are a beginner then the instructions at “Wiki – How to Crochet” are very clear and easy to follow with lots of pictures. I have linked to their site for each step below in case you would like to refer to them.

Here are my super easy instructions on how to make this cute little pouch (oh by the way the copyright on this design belongs to me if that’s ok with you so please don’t make this and then sell it yourself. It’s perfectly fine to use the chart to make something for your friends and family :)

Materials –  3.50 0r 4.00 size hook with 8 ply white wool.

How to;

  • Create a “slipknot” at the beginning of the yarn;
  • Crochet 16 daisy chains;
  • Double Crochet 17 rows – check the height of your iphone and add extra row if you need it.
  • Do the same again as above
  • Once you have the two pieces of crochet stitch them together with wool and a needle.
  • With red wool crochet make 4 daisy chains
  • Single crochet 17 rows or as many as you like for your phone
  • Stitch the red strip onto the back of your pouch and sew along the side to top of pouch
  • Pin the red strip into place on the front of your pouch by stitching a very small press stud
  • Decorate your pouch by stitching a small heart with red wool using a backstitch

P.S – Please allow variations on the number of stitches above because of tension differences.  I crochet very loosely but some of my friends crochet tight stitches. This does make a difference to the result. Perhaps you might like to try a “tension square” first if you could be bothered for this project given it’s so small anyway.


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