Make a cross stitch Christmas gift tag


Christmas is a time of hope.  A time to reflect on the year that has been and hope for new beginnings in the new year.  To celebrate I have designed a very quick and easy cross stitch christmas gift tag. It features a small candle and the word “Hope”.  It’s another freebie and I hope you enjoy it. :)

The design is stitched on 28ct Natural Linen.  You can use white and dark red cotton floss in any brand you like. The shade of red is entirely up to you and you might even have some left over cotton floss in your stash that you can use.

Once you have stitched the candle you can create a small gift tag to hang off that “special present”.  You could even embroider the name of the person receiving the present for that extra special handmade touch.

Making the gift tag is easy;HopeStep 1– Stitch the cross stitch on your chosen cross stitch fabric.  I chose Natural 28ct Linen.  Make sure to leave a generous seam allowance around your design.

Step 2 – Once stitched cut out another piece of cotton fabric of your choice to the same size as the fabric you chose to stitch the candle.

Step 3– With the right sides of the Linen and the cotton backing fabric facing together machine sew around three edges of both fabrics.

Step 4– Turn the fabric inside out and iron flat.  You should now have the stitched design on the front and your chosen backing fabric on the back of your stitched candle.

Step 5 – Hand sew the last opening together and iron flat.

Step 6– Sew a ribbon to the back of the label.

Step 7– Wrap the present then wrap the ribbon with your label around the present.  Flowers are also a nice way to decorate a gift.

Step 8 – Give that special present with your handmade label to that special person and wish them well.

Have a happy and peaceful day.

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