Make a cross stitch Halloween cocktail napkin


Halloween is a week away. It’s not a holiday that Australians typically celebrate but it is growing in popularity especially with the kids. The stores are selling all sort of plastic spiders, skulls and orange Halloween paraphernalia.

It’s not easy to design something fresh and new for Halloween as most of it has already been done. Instead of designing yet another pumpkin, ghost or witch I thought a small black crow would be appropriate for Halloween.  The crow sits on an orange border and in the left hand corner above its head is tiny orange heart.I used 32 count cream linen and the back is lined with cotton fabric featuring white and orange spots. You can use whatever count cross stitch fabric you have, it’s entirely up to you.

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To make the cocktail napkin you will need;

  •  10″ x 10″ 32 cream count linen
  • 10″ x 10″ cotton fabric in a print of your choice
  •  Black and bright orange cotton floss of your choice
  •  Cross stitch needle and 5# round embroidery hoop
  •  Sewing machine

Cut out one piece of linen and cotton fabric. Place your linen fabric in the embroidery hoop and place position in the lower right hand corner.

Stitch your design in place using the black and orange cotton floss you have chosen. Once finished place the linen fabric with your finished crow and cotton fabric right sides together. Use your sewing machine to sew around the napkin allowing for 1.5 cm seam allowance.  Leave a section open so you can pull through the fabric to the right side.  Close the opening by hand stitching it with cotton thread.

Press your cocktail serviette with hot iron and fold in half and then again.