Making a needlepoint make up pouch


Hello again

Do you have a makeup bag containing your makeup in your handbag? Have you ever had to attend an unscheduled last minute meeting only to realise you can’t put your hands on your favourite lip gloss or eye liner as quickly as you would like because they are in the bottom on your handbag amongst all the other stuff you carry around?

Not only will this experience be annoying, but it could actually leave you feeling flustered and unpolished at a time when you need to perform in front of clients, your colleagues or friends. Having an organised handbag complete with a make up pouch makes for an easier, less stressful life.  As my mother used to say “a place for everything and everything in its place”. A beautiful pouch to keep all your lipsticks or make up in one place is one way to help you feel in control and organised during the day.

With this in mind I am creating a pansy inspired needlepoint pouch on 10 count mono canvas using DMC wools.  The background is still to be decided but is likely to be striped or spotted. Then again I am not sure.  I’ll work it out as I go along.

In the meantime, have a great weekend and take some time out today to get organised for the week ahead.

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