More needlepoint stitches

If you love needlepoint then you’ll love the different stitches you can use to create gorgeous textures across the canvas. The apple design I created a few blog posts ago is coming alive thanks to three different needlepoint stitches.

I am using the conventional and very used Tent stitch.  Added to this is the Triangle stitch which I have put together to create a series of squares (in white). Last but not least the Florentine stitch which is a straight stitched worked vertically across the canvas.  The length of the stitch varies but it is always straight. My design uses 5 different colours and the length of the stitch varies as well. Florentine stitch is a great stitch to cover your canvas very quickly and fun to do.

The result so far;


The photo was taken with my iPhone so its not the best photo but you get the general idea. More to share with you on these stitches in the weeks ahead including a few free patterns you might like to try for yourself.

In the meantime keep on stitching :)

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