Mothers Day 2017

Hello friends

Hope you are having a wonderful mother’s day whether you are a mother yourself or you still have a mother to celebrate the day with.

This morning started with a cup of tea in bed and bacon and eggs for breakfast cooked by my two sons. We all ate together as a family which was lovely.  Mother’s Day is about mothers but it’s also but the children. A moment ago I gave birth to my two sons, the next moment they are driving cars, going to university, bringing home girlfriends and working. It all happens so fast but it’s wonderful too to see them growing up into happy and productive young men.

Today was spent in the garden with the fading Hydrangeas and the budding sweet purple violets.  The last of the Iceberg roses are still blooming. Doug and Pete were happy to spend time outside with me exploring the garden. Pete is now six months old and growing into a strong, handsome dog. He has a bit of a temper and gives Doug a hard time but overall they love having each other for company.

I spend part of the day painting. I’m exploring with with Gauche and Acrylics at the moment.  I am working on a few paintings some of which may or may not translate into needlepoint embroideries.

Speaking of needlepoint the Flamingo needlepoint I have been working on is now complete. I am sewing it into a cushion for the Gingham Red shop.  So far I have completed three needlepoints and am working on another three.  At this rate the needlepoint cushions will be in the shop around August.

Wishing you a happy Mother’s Day with your family.