Happy Mother’s Day


Hello lovely Mothers!

Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the beautiful mothers around the world!  Today is a special day to spend with your children if you have been blessed with children. It is also a day to celebrate the day with your Mother and grandmother if you are lucky enough to still have them in your life.

It rained heavily this morning so the plans to go to the park for a BBQ breakfast went out the window. I’ve never been one to go out to breakfast or lunch in a busy noisy restaurant for Mother’s Day. I much prefer to stay at home or go to a park and be close to my family and nature. So plan B was to stay at home and my sons (and husband not in the picture) cooked eggs and hash browns while Doug the Pug sat in between them waiting for a random scrap to make it’s way to the floor and then into his naughty pug mouth.

While there was no excursion to the park there was time to get into the garden to celebrate the arrival of the Camellias for this season. There was also time to stitch the letter G of the cross stitch sampler and paint a circuit board design to make a pencil case for my oldest son who is in his first year of University doing an IT degree.

The circuit board painted design is probably a little random and not aligned to pretty flowers and cross stitch. It is however a design that I wanted to create especially for my eldest son. When I showed it to him he loved it. I asked him whether he would use it at uni? He said “I don’t know but I like it”. So that’s what being a mother is all about. It’s about loving our precious children and doing everything we can to make them feel so loved, secure, special and happy.

Happy Mother’s Day to you, I hope you had a beautiful and special day.