Needlepoint progress



Hope you had a fabulous weekend full of the things you love to do. I managed to make some progress on the Needlepoint I designed a while ago. I have also made a few interesting observations as I have stitched the different stitches;

1. Don’t draw your design with black permanent marker – The design is easier to follow if drawn with a black marker but it is difficult to cover over the black marker if you are using lighter colors. I will investigate other options for drawing on canvas and let you know as soon as I find something better to use.

2. Triangle Stitch – The white triangle stitch while very effective does not really provide good coverage of 14 count canvas. I will use small count canvas next time, in fact the smaller the count the better the result.

3. Florentine Stitch – The florentine stitch which creates the Bargello pattern also looks quite effective but does not cover the canvas as well as I would like it. Again I would recommend using a smaller count canvas in brown rather than white.

But I also discovered some lovely things about Triangle and Florentine stitches. First, the stitches cover the canvas quite quickly. Secondly it is nice to use different stitches in one design. It makes the stitching journey more varied and interesting.




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