New Beginnings

Dear Friends

I hope you had a happy New Year and are having some time off to enjoy doing some lovely things for yourself.  We had a lovely Christmas and New Year.  Best of all we are on holidays until mid January. So looking forward to spending time with my family especially my teenage sons who are growing up much too fast!

I started Gingham Red in August of 2012 with an idea of what I wanted the blog to be.  It’s funny how quickly things can evolve and change over time. My original idea has now changed with a greater focus on the blog.

In 2013 there will be lots more photos of flowers and crafty projects to create and share with you.  But also there will be blog posts about;

  • Recipies I have tried from magazines
  • Round up of lovely Flickr and Etsy people and the things they make
  • Book and film reviews
  • Reviewing holiday destinations we visit
  • Stitching experiments especially with needlepoint charts created from water colours I paint
  • New cross stitch charts
  • New handmade gifts for the Gingham Red store

The blog will evolve in any direction it takes and each blog post is likely to be a surprise to both you and me. This year I plan to create enough time for myself to be still enough to “feel” my way ahead rather than “thinking” my way through everything. I’d like to focus on the things I love not the the things that I think I should be doing or am expected to do. Mostly it will be a year to reflect to take risks and be bold.

It’s year of beginning to live a life that understands the meaning of the beautiful passage from the book by Kim McMillen called “When I loved myself enough”;

When I loved myself enough

I began to know I was in the

right place at the right time

and I could relax

What are you focussing on in 2013? What are the things you would like to work on in your life?

Whatever your focus I wish you a fabulous 2013.

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