Announcing some new developments for Gingham Red


Doug the Pug is now two years old. It seems like a moment ago when he arrived as a small puppy (see picture below) Pugs are the sweetest little dogs with so much love to give. This morning Doug is asleep in his basket next to me as I write this post. He has the sweetest snores when he sleeps.

Outside the rain is coming down heavily on the roof above. The grey skies on this Sunday morning bring welcome relief to the very warm Autumn weather we’ve had in Melbourne last week.

The yellow roses outside my window are blooming again and bring a pop of sunshine to a rainy Autumn day.

While the Gingham Red blog has been about cross stitch and all forms of embroidery I’ve been spending more time drawing particularly illustrations. I’ve been thinking about how to introduce these illustrations into Gingham Red. After much reflection I’ve decided to leave Gingham Red as a place for all things embroidery and introduce the illustrations through another website. I’ll still be spending lots of a time at Gingham Red and look forward to sharing more charts and embroidery project with you.  Around July of this year a new website featuring original hand painted illustrations you can use in your life will be launched. The site will feature hand painted illustrations and art with a little bit of mixed media thrown in as well.

I’ve always believed that anyone and everyone should be able to own original pieces of art. There is something special about owning something that no one else in the world has.

Each hand painted illustration will be unique and will only be produced in very limited numbers. Here is a sneak peak of one or two designs from the “Pretty Teacup” and ” Luscious Plants” collections I’ve been working on this weekend.

The designs are hand drawn and hand painted on hand made Linen kitchen towels intended to be used as art in your kitchen. While you can use these towels to dry dishes they are really intended to add a bit of art to your kitchen, for example by hanging them on the front of your kitchen stove. While many of the designs will be featured on tea towels you will also find tote bags, clutches, napkins and eventually cushions and other things for your house.  The design range will include lots of “pretty” things, however there will also be collections featuring more contemporary and abstract images.

The tea towels are painted with fabric paint and then heat set with a very hot iron. They are completely washable however as they are original art work they will need to be treated with some care.


I look forward to sharing more with you soon. In the meantime the cross stitch alphabet design is slowly taking shape but is still a month or so away from being completed ready for the shop. Wishing you a great weekend!