New week….

Wishing you a peaceful Monday

Have a great week

The word for the week is “Commitment”

I chose this word because I am committing to exercising more this week

I find it hard to exercise but I need to

It’s hard to commit sometimes to things, situations or people in our lives

Commitment takes work and effort

What are you committing to this week for yourself or to someone else ?

Think of one thing

and stick to it.

PS The photo was taken on iPhone and features one of my favourite

craft books – “Meet me at Mikes” by Pip Lincolne.

2 thoughts on “New week….

  1. I thought the beautiful pattern is what you’re stitching but it looks like it’s printed on the book!! I am committed to exercise until Christmas then giving myself a rest for a few days.

  2. Hello Sally the beautiful pattern is printed in the book. Good for you for committing to exercise until Christmas.

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