Not all embroiderers are women


Just like some of the best chefs are men it seems some of the most creative embroiderers are men. Admittedly men embroiderers are not large in number but there are a few here and there that stand out from the crowd.

Take Richard Saja. I discovered him this morning when I stumbled upon a new magazine called “Sweet Paul”. I was able to read the magazine by reading the back issues on the blog and liked the images and stories. Lots of stories about food and recipes with beautiful pictures but it I couldn’t help thinking Sweet Paul magazine is very similar in style to Holiday with Matthew Meade magazine. Neither “Sweet Paul” or Matthew Meade’s “Holiday with Matthew Meade” magazines are available in Australia. Thank goodness for the internet.

Back to Richard Saja.

Richard is a textile artist and describes himself on his blog “Historically Inaccurate” as an “Artist and Designer” living in New York. I am interested in Richard’s work with toile. In an interview for Sweet Paul magazine in late 2012 he describes in detail his unique style and work. Richard embellishes toile to produce the most delightful and unexpected results. If you are interested in reading the interview with Richard from Sweet Paul magazine then just click on the page below.

Richard’s advice for any “young” embroiderer is to come up with “original themes” and forge new territories. Easier said than done.

Richard’s work is clever, original and beautiful. While we can all admire the talents of an excellent stitcher or embroiderer stitching a pattern designed from the 1800s or from the latest cross stitch magazines it all looks a bit the same. I must admit to also being so tired of seeing the same old designs being recycled over and over again.

Sometimes it takes a special artist to look at things we take for granted and transform them into something unique and extraordinary. Richard uses all the embroidery stitches including chain stitch, french knot, long and short stitches to name a few. He uses cotton floss in glorious and unexpected colors to transform a traditional toile image into something contemporary and ultra modern. The images below are taken from Sweet Paul’s article on Richard as well as from Richard’s blog referenced above. I love the shoes!



richard saja1

So there you have it not all embroiderers are women. There are some very talented men out there who stitch some pretty magnificent things. Thank you Richard for creating something beautiful and new.

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