One way to store tapestry wool


It’s the Monday of the Australia Day long weekend. It’s been a time to celebrate all things Australian with friends including a BBQ and a swim at the beach.

It’s been a weekend of taking lots of photos of flowers then picking them and placing them in a vase on the dining table.  Life is better with flowers don’t you think?

It’s also been a time to use the extra day off from work to tidy some of my craft materials.  Tapestry wool is purchased for each project. Most of the time I buy too much and there is wool left over. After a while most stitchers find they have a huge collection which builds. What do to ?

First sort out your wool by color. Depending on how much wool you have this might take quite some time.

lots of wool

Once you have sorted out the wool into colors place them into very large “snap lock” sandwich bags and create your very own color wheel.


Snap lock sandwich bags come in various sizes and I would hope they are available at your local store. The lovely thing about this idea is you can easily find the colors you need to start your next stitching project. The trick is to keep the wool in the plastic bags and keep them tidy. Not one of the things I do well :). Take care not to put the bags with wool directly over any type of heating or in the sun as the bags will sweat a little.

Do you have any clever storage ideas for your wool or threads ?

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