Over half way through NaBloPoMo

I hope you have time to smell the roses today. I’ve been trying to slow down and smell the roses but it’s proving to be a little challenging.

I’m over half way through NaBloPoMo.

I have realised five very important things about blogging every day if you have a family and a full time job;

  1. Unless you plan your schedule and topics for blog posts you won’t make it through the month.
  2. It’s very challenging to come up with fresh content and photos every day.
  3. Just when you think you can’t come up with the day’s writing topic you find something to write about.
  4. Thursdays and Fridays are the toughest days to blog. After working all week by the time Thursday night and Friday night arrives all I want to do is relax and watch TV.
  5.  The weekend is a good time to prepare posts for the week ahead.

See you tomorrow!