From painting to embroidery – 10 ways to find your inspiration

Hello and happy Monday!

Where do ideas for the embroideries I create come from? It’s not as straightforward as picking up a piece of embroidery fabric and stitching the design. Usually the design process involves first an idea. The idea is then transformed onto paper with pen or paints. Some designers use computer software to create their designs. I have also used computers but I find computers don’t create a very personal experience for me. Actually picking up a paint brush or pen to draw can create a more intense and rewarding design experience. After the design has been painted it can be transformed and adapted into a embroidery or cross stitch. It’s basically that easy. It’s also the design process I used this morning to transform the cat watercolor into the cat I am now embroidering.

The hard part is finding the idea in the first place. If you are struggling with inspiration for your next creative project here are 10 places that you might like to use to find the inspiration you need to create that next embroidery, cross stitch or needlepoint.

  1. Go outside – Yes go for a walk outside. Nature is there everyday in all its beautiful glory. It is the first and best place to find inspiration every day.
  2. Read a Magazine – Magazines are full of inspiration. There are so many magazines available these days and many have lots of beautiful images and colors to explore. One of my favourite magazines is Frankie”. It’s gorgeous and Australian.
  3. Meditate – A quick meditation is another way to be inspired. When you still your mind and listen to what you hear, you will often find the inspiration you are looking for. If you don’t know how to meditate then just shut your eyes and stay quiet for a few minutes. Let the inspiration come to you. Try it you’ll be surprised.
  4. Books – Photography, craft, stitching books all have amazing projects and photographs that will inspire you.
  5. Internet – The internet is contains a veritable smorgasbord of ideas and inspiration. Pinterest, Flickr, Google +1, Twitter and the thousands of blogs can easily kickstart your inspiration. One of my favourite places for inspiration are “Sweet Paul” and a new blog I found this morning called “Inspired by Annetta Bosakova”. Both these blogs have some wonderful, glorious, beautiful photos and ideas that will definitely kick start your creative juices.
  6. Art Gallery – There are many wonderful art galleries all over the world.  You are guaranteed to be inspired by visiting an art gallery in your local area.
  7. Just draw – Leave your computer for a few minutes, pick up a paintbrush or a pen and start to draw. See what springs forth from you. You’ll be amazed. By the way if you say to yourself, “I can’t draw” then guess what you can’t. If you give it a try you might be surprised.
  8. Movies – Uplifting movies are a great source of inspiration. You might see a particular scene that triggers a whole series of ideas for you.
  9. Music – Music is a wonderful way to lift your spirits and energy. Ideas can literally pop out while listening to your favourite song.
  10. Practise Gratitude – Focussing on what you already have is a great way to generate more blessings in many forms including ideas that you can use in your life and art.

Here are another 10 inspiration ideas from a marketing company I found on utube called DDA groupful. They created a wonderful video that has more ideas on finding your creativity or inspiration.  One more tip, focus on the things you love the most in your life. For example I love cats and flowers so cats and flowers are constantly on my horizon when it comes to finding inspiration.

Where is your inspiration today? Where will you find it in your life?

Wishing you a Monday full of inspiration and creative ideas.


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