Painting pansies with Gouache

Just finished another painting using Gouache paints. Gouache paints are different to watercolors but sort of similar to them as well.

Here are some quick facts about Gouache paints that I have learnt along the way;

  • Gouache paints are pronounced “gwash – rhymes with wash
  • It is a heavier paint than traditional transparent watercolors
  • It dries giving a richer finish than watercolors
  • Watercolor is transparent and Gouache is opaque
  • Gouache is great to use for large areas of flat color
  • Good to use to hide your pencil drawing lines

You can buy a cheap set of Gouache paint from your local craft store. Remember the cheaper the paint the less likely your work will last, however a cheap set will be fine if you are just starting out.

Enjoy your weekend!


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