Pay attention to your feelings..


It’s a windy Monday morning in Melbourne. The first day of the week and a week full of promise.

How are you feeling on this Monday morning? Have you even stopped for a moment to notice how you feel ? Did you gulp your breakfast and race to work by car or on the train not paying much attention to anything much at all except all your meetings and the items on your to do list.

We all do that. It’s easy when you are really busy and under pressure not to notice “your feelings”.

Without going into too much detail I changed my life dramatically about a month ago. I had been in a place where for years I did not feel good. I kept convincing myself that I had to stay and that things would get better. I ignored my feelings to the point where my body started to react badly to the stress and my general level of unhappiness. Then things changed. It was time. I paid attention to how I was feeling and decided I wanted to be happy again. I am now in a place where I have a little more time to notice how I feel everyday. I am choosing most days to focus on what I want to do and am doing the things that make me feel good. My body is slowly healing. It’s taking quite a while to make the transition. One day at a time with every day feeling better and better.

I came across a card the other day that was pinned on my cork board. It was hidden behind a bunch of papers and notices. Amazingly it was a card I had bought 5 years ago and it’s all about Feelings. I thought I would share it with you on this Monday morning;

“Understanding Feelings, your own as well as others is a gift. Use it, the benefits are enormous. Take notice of your feelings as this is one of your guidelines. Feelings and intuition have often shown you the way, and sometimes, sometimes not, you have heeded them. Now it is time to take full notice and go with the flow. Notice words that resonate from the heart and hear them throughout the body. For your body is your temple to be cared for and looked after as this is your way, now of moving into the new dimensions. For this is the time to take a grip on your reality and move into the being you truly are”.


Have a Happy Monday and take 5 minutes to notice how you are feeling today.

2 thoughts on “Pay attention to your feelings..

  1. That’s awesome! It’s great to be happy but sometimes takes bravery and hard work! Sounds like you’ve done that.

    1. Yes happiness is a choice and sometimes it’s a scary choice to make. Easier to stay where you are than to take a step towards something better.

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