Peony rose, matches, alphabet and yellows


While I am enjoying the 365 day painting challenge, it is very time consuming to create art, photograph and blog every day while working full time in a busy corporate job and looking after my family.

So, from next week I will aim to blog on Sundays and Thursdays. Sundays will be to share the paintings and Thursday will be about other stitch related things.

In the meantime the watercolors for the past few days extend across a wide range of subjects all of which are inspiration from sources all around me. It’s so wonderful that the world is full of inspiration everywhere.

Peony Rose

Inspired by my love of Peony Roses the colors pink and aqua this watercolor depicts all things feminine.

This was so fun to draw and paint.

peony rose four

Red Head Matches

Red Head Matches are a famous brand of Australian matches. In 1909 Bryant and May manufactured their first batch of Red Head matches in Richmond Victoria. The brand has survived for over a hundred years.

The front of the pack has had different designs over the years with the current cover launched in 2009. I love these matches and would not use any other brand.

This painting was challenging. The lines of the face, the mouth and eyes were not easy to draw correctly. I will try painting it again in a few months to see if I produce a different, improved version.

matches one


Alphabet work in progress. Experimenting with letters and different shades of watercolors. It enjoyable to experiment and explore without trying to get it too “perfect”.

Yellow teacup

This watercolor was inspired by a photograph I posted on instagram and shared on the blog a little while ago. This was also quite challenging to draw and paint, particularly the lacework which ended up a pale shade of blue rather than white.


Wishing you a happy Friday as we end another lovely week. May your world be filled with all things beautiful in all the glorious colours of the rainbow!

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