Peony Rose – Watercolor #3

It’s really hot outside today. Melbourne reached a temperature of 41C with hot northerly winds blowing. The Hydrangeas in the garden are struggling to stay alive. Their leaves shriveling and burning in the hot summer sun.

Meanwhile bushfires are burning across Victoria and South Australia. Welcome to another very hot Australian summer.

In the meantime I am dreaming of Peony Roses. I painted them in an abstract way and applied the watercolor straight to the paper without pencil lines. The water and different pinks bled into one another in some spots.  I am using 300 gsm medium tooth Watercolor paper.  It’s thick and lovely to paint on.

The things I learnt today;

  1. Experiment – It’s ok to experiment and try different colors and techniques.
  2. Try to relax – As I relax the painting take on a different quality. Less restricted, more fluid.
  3. White guache – If you want to lighten watercolors add a little white guache to the colors. The guache does not take away from the texture of the watercolors

Enjoy your Saturday!


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