Plants and Flowers – Watercolor #6

Hello there!

Hope your Tuesday was productive and amazing! My theory is there is always room in your home  and life for happiness, good days, plants, flowers and more flowers.

Today’s watercolor is plants and flowers in a yellow vase.  This time I drew the image with a black pen and then used watercolor to fill it in.

I should have waited until the paint had dried before applying the blue which as you can see seeped into the rest of the table. Never mind tomorrow is another day and another watercolor. Also I should have put a floor in and the table is missing a couple of legs…. How funny is that.  I didn’t notice that until my husband said to me “Sweetheart what a lovely painting but the table is floating and it’s missing a few legs” – LOL  :)

What did you do today that you loved doing and how did you bring plants and flowers into your life?


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