Pretty Pink Flamingo needlepoint

Hello friends!

Its been a while since my last blog post with lots happening. While it might be Autumn, the weather has been very warm in Melbourne. The Hydrangeas are turning beautiful shades of green and rust and the yellow roses are in their last bloom. It’s a beautiful time of the year.

Cyclone Debbie has created devastation in Queensland this week. My thoughts and prayers go to the families affected by the flooding. The good news is there has been no loss of life to date. So who still thinks there is no impact on our the weather caused by climate change?

In the meantime, Pete the pug is now four months old. He is the sweetest little dog but gives our three year old fawn pug, Doug, the hardest time by constantly chasing him around the house. Having two dogs is more work than I had anticipated but it’s great they have each other for company.

There has not been much time to stitch in recent months. I was however inspired by the pretty flamingo to draw one and then transfer it into a needlepoint. I am stitching the flamingo on 10 count needlepoint canvas in yellows, oranges and pinks. I am using a frame to keep the canvas straight. It is less enjoyable but will save time at the end as I won’t have to stretch the canvas. Instead of using tent stitch in each square I have decided to stitch free hand with irregular long and short stitches. This is all part of the year of exploration with needles, threads, canvas, paper and paint. It will take a few weeks to stitch the design and once completed the finished piece will be added to the Gingham Red shop.

We are away in Halls Gap this week. We’ve been here before and each time we spend here I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I have some photos to share with you of our visit in the next blog post.

Enjoy your Friday. If you are in the flood areas of Queensland I wish you well so stay safe, dry and warm.

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