Pretty pink Sunday

Spring is in the air and everything looks so new, green and fresh. The scent from the Jasmine growing in the garden wafts in the air making everything smell so sweet. It’s such a beautiful time of year.

To celebrate this special, glorious Sunday morning here are some pretty pink things to share with you.  The photos are very “pretty pretty” and that’s just how I like it. The world needs more pretty photos and all things pink don’t you think?



It occurred to me recently that no matter how rich or poor your are the scent of beautiful flowers blesses everyone. Flowers don’t discriminate depending on how much money you have, the clothes you wear, the car you drive or the career you have. Flowers grow for everyone. They are as happy in a vase in Elle McPherson’s palaces and mansions as they are on my kitchen table in our small suburban house. Flowers don’t care whether you are a millionaire or a beggar. Remember that thought next time you feel sad or think you don’t have enough. Buy a beautiful bunch of flowers or plant some in your garden and feel blessed and rich.

The cup is from my favourite tea and teacup store – T2. It’s from their Perfectly Piccadilly Cup and Saucer range. The cup also comes in purple, red, blue, yellow and orange.

With Spring in the air it’s time to make a list of all those things that need to be done before Christmas. Yes, before Christmas which is now only 3 months away!

Wishing you a happy pretty pink spring Sunday!