Printable Thank You card

It’s the winter solstice in a few days. The days are now very cold and dark. The tree outside our kitchen window is completely bare. The hydrangeas have been cut right back waiting for Spring. The garden is a little depressing in its current winter state. Thank goodness for the Cyclamens and pretty pink Camellias.

This is perfect weather to stay warm indoors drawing with Adobe Illustrator.  This thank you card was designed to thank my lovely Instagram followers. Over the past two years they have liked, commented and continued to follow me. Their support is greatly appreciated.

The card features a delicate rose and the word “thank you”.  It’s designed on to fit on A4 paper. It would be great to print on matt photo paper. You can use your color home printer to print the card at home.  Fold the card in half and write your chosen message of thanks on the inside.

Download the Printable Thank You Card

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!