Quick guide to keeping great Hydrangeas

It’s Hydrangea season in Melbourne. Glorious pink, whites and purple Hydrangeas are blooming everywhere in our small garden.  A beautiful old fashioned plant they are relatively easy to look after, even if you are a busy woman with little time to spend in the garden.

For relatively little effort you can surround yourself with glorious Hydrangeas in spring and summer.

Hydrangeas in the Garden

  1. Plant Hydrangeas in semi shady spots.
  2. Water them regularly in the summer months.  Give them a deep soaking at least twice a week in summer.
  3. Cut your Hydrangeas right back in late autumn to early winter.  This will result in beautiful new blooms in spring.
  4. Feed your Hydrangeas in spring as they bloom.
  5. On very hot summer days, make sure to water your Hydrangeas before you go to work. They may look half dead when you get home but it you water them they will bounce right back when the cool change arrives.

Beautiful Hydrangeas in a vase

  1. Cut the Hydrangeas you want for your vase
  2. Place the stems in running hot water for 30 seconds
  3. Gently place your Hydrangeas in a vase of cold water.
  4. Enjoy

These three easy steps will guarantee to keep your Hydrangeas fresh for much much longer giving you a whole week of Hydrangea love.

bare hydrangea

green in a row

green and pink

early morning hydrangea

green and white

tea and pink

There is something magical about a early cup of tea on a spring morning surrounded by a sea of purple and pink Hydrangeas. Throw in a little crochet and all is well with the world.

cup of tea

Have a beautiful weekend!

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