Red and White Needlepoint – Part 2


How was your week?  My week was crazy busy so it was nice to spend the weekend relaxing in the garden with the beautiful Hydrangeas as they continue to bloom.

Last week I decided to use my train commuting time to work to further develop my drawing skills with some illustrations. I particularly like drawing people and their pets.  To paint them I use watercolor pencils, water and a brush. This is an easy way to paint the illustrations without having to carry around a full watercolor set. Next year I will try and draw every day.  I tried to that this year but was not successful because life, work, kids and other stuff got in the way. Did you achieve everything you wanted to this year?

In the meantime, the red and white needlepoint I designed and shared with you on the blog a week or so ago is now completed and ready to be hung on the Christmas tree.


The finished ornament measures 3 x 3 inches or 8 x 8 cm. You will need to use a piece of canvas measuring 6 x 6 inches or 15 x 15 cm to stitch on. This will give you enough canvas around the design to finish it off by stitching a piece of red felt at the back.

The design was stitched on 10 count white mono canvas using red and off white.  Once it is stitched simply sew a small hoop  at the top of the ornament in the corner with red wool to hang on your Christmas tree.


Have a great week!