Sadness in France

We’ve woken up to the news this morning of 7 attacks in Paris overnight with 150 people killed so far and rising.

The French President Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency. It’s the second time since World War 2 that a state of emergency has been declared in France.

As we watch the horrific events unfolding on our television screen, it is hard to believe this is actually happening.  It’s not a movie, its real.  France is now in lock down. While some of the men who committed these heinous crimes have been killed, some are still on the run. No one has yet claimed responsibility for these terrible attacks.

The world is changing. With each attack fear in our community rises and we feel less safe. The events in Paris are still unfolding. We watch on with sadness. Thoughts and prayers to the families who have lost loves ones and to the French people.