Shredded rocket and prawn linguine

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As a busy working mother with two growing teenage sons I am always looking for quick and easy recipes. Like most busy working mothers it’s nice to come home and cook something fresh. Take away is fine once a week but the rest of the time we prefer home cooked meals.

One of my absolutely favourite chefs is Donna Hay. I have so many of her cook books. Her recipes are fabulous and her books are so lovely to read.

In the weeks and months ahead I will cook and bake recipes from various chefs around the world. The idea is to try out their recipes and find out if the end result if as good as it looks in the cook book or magazine.  Each of the recipes will be rated out of 10 mainly for how quickly and easily the recipe was to follow and the dish was to make based on the original instructions. From time to time I will share my own original recipes. You can then rate me out of 10 if you like.

On Saturday night I made Donna Hays “Shredded rocket & Linguine Pasta” from her 2008 book “No time to cook”. I made a few changes to the original recipe as our family thought it needed more “bite” to suit our personal tastes. We added more chilli and also used two olive oils. One plain olive oil and another with added chilli. Of course if you don’t like chilli or meals with extra “bite” then its probably best if you don’t add the chilli.


I liked the recipe and thought it was very easy to follow. The ingredients were easy to buy at my local store although rocket may not always be available everywhere. The recipe is rated an 8/10 for ease of cooking and deliciousness.  Here is my adaptation of the recipe if you would like to make it too.  By the way the ingredients below are for 2 large generous portions.

jpg of rocket recipe

Bon Appetit!


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