Spending time on Instagram

Happy Friday!

Are you on Instagram? Lately I have been spending lots and lots of time on Instagram.  Maybe a little too much time.

I love Instagram because;

1. It’s an image based platform.  There are so many beautiful photos to see and share.

2. The feedback and interaction you receive to your photos is immediate.  If you manage your settings you can easily filter out and block spammers.

3. You make friends on Instagram with gorgeous like minded people from all over the world.

4. You build a wonderful supportive community.

5. You get an instant insight into whats going on in the world.

If you haven’t tried Instagram yet then today is as good a day as any to try it out. Come by and say hello!  My Instagram name is the same as the blog name.


This week I shared the following photos with my Instagram friends.

All photos are taken on my iPhone 4S;


Great Craft book with tons of ideas for starting a craft business.

Available on Amazon.


A day to Dream


Needlepoint and Tea

I bought this needlepoint around 20 years ago and loved stitching it

Still looks as gorgeous today as the day I finished it.


Healthy orange juice day

There is nothing like freshly squeezed orange juice to start the day

Enjoy your day!

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