Starting a new needlepoint



The weekend was warm and mild. The Geranium and Marigolds I planted a few weeks ago are blooming and growing in the autumn sun. After a busy week of work the weekend came as a welcome break. It was so nice to have time to design a new needlepoint.

Apples are one of my favourite things to eat in life. I love red apples and have used a red apple as the feature of my new needlepoint design. The final colors are yet to be determined. I prefer to let the design unfold as it is stitched. It’s more exciting that way.

I drew the design by hand with a black marker on 14 count white mono canvas. The design will be stitched using both DMC and Anchor tapestry wools and will feature tent and florentine stitches. Anchor tapestry wools seem to have a broader and brighter colour range. The DMC colors seem more muted and slightly more limited. Neither brand of tapestry wool is cheap with DMC retailing at AUS $1.09 at my local Spotlight store. Anyway what price for the joy of creating something new ?



Wishing you a happy week as we head into the home stretch towards Easter.



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