Summer days at Cape Bridgewater beach

Dear Friends

After 6 days our holiday at Cape Bridgewater is coming to an end.  We left the farm house a day early as we smelt fire on Thursday morning.  There were signs of smoke in the air.  Not thick smoke but a very thin layer.  The smoke was probably from the fire near Nelson – Kentbruck Portland and Nelson Roads only 20 km or so away. Still,with such a high risk of bush fires we had enough of checking the Country Fire Authority website every few hours to ensure the fire was not heading our way.

One of the loveliest times we spent during our week away was at Cape Bridgwater beach.  The beach is about 2.8km long with beautiful creamy sand.  It’s almost always windy though.  It is easy to access and there is a lovely cafe where you can have a meal and a glass of wine while you watch the surf roll in.  Best of all the beach is not very crowded during the week with just a few more people on weekends.

Cape Bridgewater is in Victoria and is about 15 minutes from Portland and one hour to the South Australian border.  It takes about 4 hours by road if you come directly from Melbourne via Geelong along the A1 highway. If you take the Great Ocean Road it will take you about 6 hours from Melbourne.

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Cape Bridgewater is an ideal holiday destination if you like to go somewhere quiet by the beach. It is probably not the most popular holiday spot in summer for Victorians but it is definitely worth a visit. We love the peace and quiet.

My two teenage sons love swimming and surfing so Cape Bridgewater was an ideal holiday spot. My oldest son was given a surf board for Christmas. We went to the beach with him every day for at least a few hours.  It was very relaxing to sit on the beach and read a book or swim.

This week was also about reconnecting with my sons.  They are 15 and 13 and like most teenage boys are starting to gain their independence. They are spending more time with friends and less with their mother as you would expect. I discovered that taking them to the beach each day to watch them swim and surf for hours was one way to reconnect with them. At the end of each day they were more than happy to discuss their swimming or surfing escapades with me. The other amazing thing is they managed for an entire week without any internet. How? They just did. They read books, watched a few DVD’s, surfed, swam and played cricket in the back garden.  Who says kids need internet all the time?

We had such a lovely time together.  We are returning to Melbourne refreshed and happy. Here are some photos I wanted to share with you of Cape Bridgewater. These photos were taken on different days with different lighting conditions. Hopefully they give you a good idea of the beautiful surroundings and beach.  I even managed to take a photo of the sun one day.  Notice the tiny circle to the left of the Sun.  We’ve been speculating what planet or star it is.  If you know we’d love to hear from you.

Where did you go for your summer holidays this year ?

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