Sweet Violets



Sweet, sweet Violets growing in the garden. They bloom in the last month of winter and early spring. Sweet, purple and greens brightening up the garden.

They are easy to grow but you need to make sure to plant them in a semi-shady spot. Plant them 23 to 30 cm apart in moist soil. Once planted, they grow perennially, spreading through runners that grow from 20-30cm high. They form a luscious green carpet of growth that makes a good weed-excluding ground cover. The edible leaves can be harvested all year round, and the edible flowers are produced in late winter and early spring. need water and don’t survive if allowed to dry out.

Best of all they look lovely in a vase, their sweet fragrance permeating through the room. A lovely addition to any garden.

Wishing you a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

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