Teacup – Watercolor #2

A girl can’t have too many teacups. All sorts of cups in a variety of colors and patterns.  Teacups with roses are particularly beautiful.

Today’s watercolor is a simple cup decorated with roses. I chose to outline the cup, roses and leaves with black watercolor paint. Once that was dry I used various shades of pink to fill in the leaves.  I did not wait long enough for the roses to dry before I tried to erase a few of the pencil marks I used to draw the cup.

The things I learnt today;

  1. Dry – Wait until the watercolor is completely dry before adding another layer or using an eraser to erase any pencil marks.  Ideally pencil marks should be covered with paint.
  2. Shapes – Drawing a cup by hand is not that easy when you’re first starting out. I had trouble with the circle of the cup and also the base. It looks a little off overall. Still it’s part of the learning journey.
  3. Draw more cups – I need to draw more cups as the year goes on and see if I can improve on this cup drawing.

Talking about cups I’m off to have a cup of tea. Starting the CreativeLive Watercolors 101 course tomorrow so super excited to see what I will learn.

Have a great Friday!


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