The Power of Flowers


It’s been a while since my last blog post and I am very behind in the 365 paintings this year challenge. Life and my job have interfered with best intentions and time to paint.

Back on track this weekend to catch up on all those sketches and paintings many of them flowers.  The flowers in a vase watercolor were inspired by a photo I found randomly on the web. I added the window and dead tree outside to add interest and contrast.

Why do we love flowers so much? Here are 5 possible reasons why;

  1.  Flowers have beautiful soft organic shapes, textures and colors
  2.  Flowers can instantly add color and energy to a room
  3.  Looking at flowers in a vase or nature can lift your mood
  4.  A gift of flowers can touch someone’s heart
  5. Flowers can express love, growth, connections and unity without words

According to American Author Anne Morrow Lindberg, wife of Charles Lindberg “Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day – like writing a power or saying a prayer”

To get the best out of your bought or garden flowers you should try to;

  1.  Make sure your vase is clean. Don’t re-use water that may be left over from a previous bunch of flowers.
  2. Add cold water and a drop of bleach particularly for Carnations, Stock and other flowers whose stems decay a little in the vase
  3. Cut your flowers with a sharp knife at a slant. This exposes more stem surface area.
  4. Re-cut the stems halfway through the week and replace the water with clean, fresh water
  5. Throw out your flowers when they start to die. It’s not good “Feng Shui” to have dead flowers in your surroundings.

Enjoy the beautiful flowers in your life.

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