The power of persistence

The Camellias and Daphne are growing in our winter garden. It’s lovely to have them around the house brightening up a winter days.  The aroma from the Daphne is so sweet.

This month I’ve been reflecting on the word “Persistence”.  Persistence is the ability to achieve your goal even in the face of adversity or great difficulties. Do you persist in your life to achieve your goals or do you give up sometimes ? If you give up do you have any regrets ? Do you get back up and try again ? Nothing in life is achieved without persistence.

“Persistence” is this month’s word of strength and the inspiration for the Knitting a string of words in 2015. I have  also created a quick cross stitch chart featuring the word which you  might like to use. You can download the PDF by clicking on the link below.

May you achieve all your goals this month!

To Download the PDF below click “HERE”