Things to do after Christmas Day

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day. Hopefully you did not eat or drink too much? Not sure I can say the same thing. It’s a wonderful time for celebration and getting together with friends and family.

The days after Christmas however always feel a little “flat”. This year I thought I would use this time to catch up on a few chores around the house and in my studio.

Here are some thing I’m doing after Christmas Day;

  1. Sitting in my living room reading magazines and books I received for Christmas
  2. Having lots of afternoon naps
  3. Catching up with friends
  4. Having early morning cups of tea when the house is quiet and everyone is still asleep
  5. Cleaning out my studio
  6. Finishing off my granny square rug which has been lying around unfinished since 2012!

Whatever you are doing after Christmas I hope it’s restful and relaxing.


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