Time for tea tablecloth

This weekend we’ve experienced temperatures of 40C or 106.7F. It’s been much too hot to do anything other than stay indoors near a fan and start a new embroidery project.

While I love cross stitch I have been drawn towards embroidery lately. After reflecting on what my 2016 project will be I decided on embroidering a “Time for Tea” tablecloth. It’s an ambitious project and will take all year to complete.

I have hand drawn the teacups and pot and will embroider them one by one. Today the poker dot blue and white tea pot is the focus of my attention.

The body of the teapot is being filled in with rows of backstitch.  Backstitch is one of the most used embroidery stitches. It’s a plain stitch that adds a  nice contrast when used with more frilly or showy stitches such as the knot or chain stitch.

For best results keep your stitches as even and straight as you can.  The first stitch is always made forward with all subsequent stitches made backwards.  There should be no gaps between the rows of backstitches.

The string for the tea bag is chain stitch. Chain stitch is a decorative stitch made up of linked “chains”. Its also a good stitch to use as a filler stitch.

More to come in the weeks and months ahead. What embroidery project will you be working on in 2016?