Time to sew

You know the feeling. It’s the end of another busy week at work with little time to do very much during the week except come home exhausted, cook dinner, watch a little TV, supervise homework and fall into bed.

That’s why the weekend is for all the things you love to do. Maybe you like to sew a little? There is nothing quite like the feeling of buying a beautiful piece of fabric and a new pattern. Laying all the pieces on the kitchen bench, pinning them all into place and then cutting all the pieces. That’s my favorite part of sewing. Then there’s the process of slowly sewing all the pieces together into a finished garment. Sometimes things don’t go to plan and you need to unpick

It takes patience and a little persistence but making something for yourself or your family is so rewarding. Add in savings for your wallet it’s clear sewing is one of those life skills that you would not be without.

Have you heard about the British TV program “The Great British Sewing Bee?”. It’s fantastic and something to watch if you, like me, are mad about sewing.

This weekend I am sewing a silver grey shirt using a Vogue pattern. I’ll cut the fabric on Saturday and start sewing on Sunday.  Can’t wait! Enjoy your weekend and may there be lots of sewing!

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