Why not try a little embroidery?


Embroidery has been an obsession lately. Ideas for new designs are everywhere. It’s then a matter of finding the right fabric, the threads and some stitching time.

If you have not tried embroidery before then it’s a great way to express yourself creatively and make lovely things. There are plenty of good books and information on the web on all the embroidery stitches you might need.

The designs below are original designs that I’ve created over the past few months. I only like to stitch a new design once. It’s mainly because I like the design process the most and am always looking for new things to design and stitch. It also makes each finished piece so much more unique.

Once I finish all the embroideries shown below they will be transformed into something lovely to have and use. Slowly, slowly though as the designs take time to stitch and there are only so many hours in a day. Please forgive the photos as they are not perfect. They were taken with my iPhone for the Gingham Red instagram feed.

Girl in Red Dress – Inspired by the colors red and pink on Gingham Fabric. It’s a small girl wearing a bright red dress, wearing white socks and black patent leather shoes. Remember when little girls in your class used to wear red dresses and black patent leather shoes? Yes it’s a long time ago but I always liked that look. It was sweet. This design is being stitched almost entirely using backstitch except for two french knots for her eyes.

Beautiful flowers The flowers in this design are stitched mainly using the lazy daisy stitch. Only two threads of cotton floss are being used to ensure the flowers don’t look too heavy. There is a lovely tutorial showing you how to hand embroider the lazy daisy stitch on V and Co. It’s not a difficult stitch but it takes a little longer to master than backstitch. There is still some work to do on this design but it will eventually take the form of a heart. I think I will need to keep this piece for myself.

Red and Orange Tulips – The idea with this design was that the vase was not stitched but rather the yellow and white Gingham fabric created the vase. This design called for 6 threads of cotton floss as the fabric was quite thick. I also wanted to give the piece a heavier texture and feel.

Red Apple – Who doesn’t love an Apple? Once again I used six threads of cotton floss and backstitch. This design was fun to stitch. You can’t see the differing shades of red but there are 4 shades of red and at least 3 shares of cream in an attempt to give the apple a nice juicy texture.

Delightful blue bird – Birds are one of my favourite creatures to stitch. Don’t you just love their freedom and grace. There is a magical quality about birds that make them irresistable embroidery subjects.

This sweet blue bird features lovely light blues, darker blues and shades of aqua. The light cotton background does not overpower the bird at all and provides a hint of greenery that you would expect to find with a bird in a tree.

So why don’t you try some embroidery today. Start off with backstitch and go from there. If you don’t want to create your own design then there are plenty of great embroidery sites selling patterns that you can choose from.

Jenny Hart is one of my favourite embroiderers. She also has a great tutorial showing you how to backstitch.  You can use this stitch to outline your design and to fill it. Try to keep your stitches as straight and even as possible.  The first stitch is always made forward with all stitches after that are made backwards.

Another inspiring embroiderer is Anella Hoey. I featured her book “Little Stitches” on the blog a little while ago.

Jenny Hart also created this fun Embroidery 101 video on utube showing you the embroidery basics. The video is very clear and easy to follow.

Enjoy your weekend!

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