Two fabric markers and embroidery


Happy Tuesday!

So you want to draw your own design on fabric but are not sure which fabric markers to use. Many of the designs I am currently creating are drawn directly onto fabric. I sketch the design onto the fabric and then use various embroidery stitches to fill out the design. If you can’t draw then you can use tracing paper to mark your design onto the fabric. More on that topic in another blog post coming soon.

In the meantime, I tested two fabric markers both made in Japan by Chako Ace. Both markers are erasable with water, or fade away after a few days.  The results with each marker depends on the type of fabric you use them on.

Purple Marker

The purple marker has a thicker tip and can be used for drawing on larger surfaces. Take note however, the color purple in this pen is quite intense but it will fade gradually.

Blue Marker

The blue marker has a much finer tip and is ideal for finer drawings. I also noticed the pen does not glide across all fabrics. The higher the thread count the more difficult it is for the pen to glide smoothly across the fabric. The blue pen was used to draw the small cat in the photo above.

fine tip

The fading time varies depending on the fabric. On 100% white cotton it takes around 7 days for both markers to fade. Be careful when using the marker on fabrics with a lower thread count as the pen can bleed a little.  If you want the marker to fade away more quickly, dab the fabric with warm water and drying it with a tea towel. Wait until the fabric has dried before using it to make your finished piece.

Both pens retail for under $15 in craft stores in Australia. You can also buy them on-line. They are a great pen to have in your sewing kit.

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